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We introduced the Spoiler’s Club with the launch of REPOD Season 1. In this podcast (special for Patreon backers), David and Peih-Gee discuss an escape room in great detail, spoilers and all. We’ve gone through a few iterations of the format and settled on one we really like: the creator joins the conversation.

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About the Spoilers Club

There are more than 2,650 posts on REA. We have spent more than 8 years striving to perfect the art of discussing immersive games without spoiling them. Our unofficial slogan has been “no one says nothing in 500 words like we do.”

When Peih-Gee joined the team and we started working on the podcast together, she really wanted to find a place where we could have those spoiler conversations – the kind that we might have at a bar after playing a game.

Over the past couple of years, we have been iterating on the Spoilers Club format… trying out different models… seeing what feels right. At episode 6 we struck gold when we started inviting the creators on to join the conversation.

Since then, we’ve continued improving the format, and we’re really happy with where it is.

It’s crazy that after all of these years of struggling to find ways to keep the secrets, when we finally had a place where we could spill them, it was even harder to make.

Episode List

These episodes are all accessible through Patreon for backers at the “Search Win!” ($15) level and higher.

Episode 1: Locurio’s The Vanishing Act – Digital & Seattle, WA

Episode 2: Escape Room Melbourne‘s Isolation – Digital

  • 2022 Golden Lock Award
  • Review

Episode 3: SCRAP’s Escape from the Science Lab of Shifting Rules – Digital

  • 2022 Golden Lock Award
  • Review

Episode 4: Spirit Train – Digital

Episode 5: 13th Gate’s Cutthroat Cavern – Baton Rouge, LA

  • 2018 Golden Lock Award
  • Review

Episode 6: Solve Our Shirts: Escape from the Maze of the Minotaur – Tabletop

  • 2022 Golden Lock Award
  • Review
  • Guests: Anne & Chris Lukeman

Episode 7: Escaparium’s The Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • 2020 Golden Lock Award
  • Review
  • Guest: Jonathan Driscoll

Episode 8: Immersia‘s The Salutem Medicina Institute – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • 2022 Golden Lock Award
  • Review
  • Guest: Maxime Filion

Episode 9: Secret Cinema’s Arcane Experience – Los Angeles, CA

  • This experience is no longer running

Episode 10: Headlocked Escape RoomsThe Keeper & the Fungus Among Us – Digital

  • 2022 Golden Lock Award
  • Review
  • Guests: Joel & Janae Head (part 1), Brian Corbitt and Tommy Honton (part 2)

Episode 11: Ministry of Peculiarities’ Hope End – Azusa, CA (near Los Angeles)

  • 2022 Golden Lock Award
  • Review
  • Guests: Jonathan Berk, Benjamin Berk, Adam Moody

Episode 12: Quest Tavern’s Last Supper – Pomona, CA (near Los Angeles)

  • 2022 Golden Lock Award
  • Review
  • Guests: Nico Wan and Jordan Smart

Episode 13: Cross Roads Escape Games’ Trust Experiment – Anaheim, CA (near Los Angeles)

  • This game is no longer running.
  • Review
  • Guests: Madison & Luke Rhoades

Episode 14: Crypto Escape Rooms’ Below Zero – Newmarket, Ontario (near Toronto)

  • 2019 Golden Lock Award
  • Review
  • Guests: Chris and Stephen

Episode 15: Logic Locks’ Catacombs – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Thank you!

The Spoilers Club is a lot of work to put together, and it’s the kind of thing that we can only justify because we’re doing it for our supporters.

It’s the kind of content that we truly cannot put out on the open internet for just any random player to find, so we love that we’re able to share it with an audience that truly appreciates it.

As always, thank you to our Patreon backers. We couldn’t do it without you.

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