Video: PAX AUS 2022 – Behind the Un-Locked Doors of Escape Rooms Panel

Lee-Fay Low from the RECON team (and two time REPOD guest) moderated an escape room panel titled, “Behind the Un-Locked Doors of Escape Rooms” at PAX Australia this year.

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She guided a conversation with some of the creators behind The Cipher Room (Watch their RECON 2021 session), Project Immersive, The Curium Experience, and Next Level Escape (Listen to them on REPOD or watch their RECON 2021 session).

The gang had a great conversation and covered a lot of ground. I hope you enjoy it:

For me, the biggest surprise in this panel was that Charlie… who I knew from THE ROOM in Berlin, Germany (see REPOD episode with owner Chris Lattner) has opened his own escape room company in Australia. I spent the first few minutes looking at him and wondering why he looked so familiar… but I could place him in this context. 🤯

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