Join us at Club Drosselmeyer in Boston this December

Great news! There will be a Club Drosselmeyer in person this December!

Tickets are on sale now.

Lisa and David dressed up and standing in front of the Drosselmeyer stage.
December 2019 / 1942

About Club Drosselmeyer

This is an evening of music, performers, dancing, puzzles, mystery, costumes, drinking, and storytelling. It’s an immersive, interactive show set in a 1939 nightclub.

When you attend, you choose how to spend your time – how much to interact and influence the story and how much to watch the events unfold.

This December it will be 1939 again (as it was when this all started in 2016), but the show will be very different from its original incarnation.

After Club Drosselmeyer 1942, the creators had always planned to loop back in time and start again, and now one pandemic (and two radio shows) later, here we are again.

David and I love this event. We love the music, dancing, and performances. He likes to scheme with (or against) the actors and bring me back puzzles. I like the frenetic energy of solving in the chaos of a nightclub. And we always try to impact how the story evolves.


The show will be run December 16th, 17th and 18th in Cambridge, MA.

We have tickets for Saturday, December 17th. We know a lot friends will be attending with us.

This event will be located at 1950 Massachusetts Ave at the 1911 Masonic Lodge with its incredible 1914 ballroom. This is a new venue from the pre-pandemic years.

Come dressed up, with your dancing shoes… or just regular shoes. You don’t have to dance.

While you’re in town, you can check out any escape rooms you missed during RECON Boston or return to Boda Borg or Level99. Here’s our write up.

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