Oculus Quest 2 Game Recommendations

Latest update: November 21, 2022

In our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, we recommended the Oculus Quest 2… but why should you consider it?

Here is a selection of games that we expect escape room players to enjoy on the Quest 2.

Plus, the Quest 2 is the best value it’s ever been, so now might be your moment to indulge. Afterall, that’s what the holidays are for.

$350 (Meta)

Market Standouts

Puzzle Centric

  • Shadow Point – Perspective puzzles with light and shadow
  • A Rogue Escape – In the spirit of Nauticrawl (figure out a complicated machine with zero instruction)

Interlocking Puzzles

  • Tetris Effect – Tetris synthesized to music and mesmerizing visuals
  • Cubism – Interlocking block puzzles
  • Puzzling Places – 3D jigsaw puzzles based off 3D scans of landmarks
  • Shores of Loci – Like Puzzling Places but with a story in a fantasy world

Set & Scenery Driven

Newbie Friendly

Something Different

  • Superhot – A FPS but reflex mechanics are replaced with… er… body-spatial-puzzling? Hard to explain. Just try it.
  • Gadgeteer – Accomplish challenges by building Rube Goldberg machines
  • Moss & Moss Book 2 – Narrative puzzle platformers
  • Time Stall – Think Angry Birds + bullet time in mini escape rooms

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