Israel: Escape Room Recommendations

Latest update: November 24, 2022

Israel has a burgeoning escape room scene filled with highly creative, family-friendly games.

Most top escape rooms in Israel are within a short drive of Tel Aviv. We also heard about a handful of standout rooms in the northern part of the country, which we didn’t have the opportunity to visit on our trip.

You can read more of our observations about the Israeli escape room market in our Field Report.

And you can learn more about Gai Bosco, designer of many of these escape rooms, on this episode of The Reality Escape Pod:

Reads: "Israel Escape Room Guide." Depicts the Tel Aviv coastline.

Market Standouts

  1. The Intervention, Escape Center 🔒
  2. Kami Temple, Escape Center
  3. Robin Hood, Action Game 🔒
  4. Hollywood 117, Hype Escape 🔒
  5. The Sting, The Maze 🔒
  6. The Vikings, Escape Sign 🔒
  7. Kofiko, Amazon Escape
  8. Cube, The Maze
  9. Action!, The Maze
  10. Mega Burger, Panica (only available in Hebrew)

Set & Scenery Driven


Large Team

Something Different

🔒 Golden Lock award winning experience

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