TERPECA Voting Time Is Here!

It’s that special time of year again. People all over the world are making their lists and checking them twice. It’s finally that time again when escape room players have their chance to vote in the Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts’ Choice Awards.

TERPECA brings the international escape room player community together to recognize the very best escape rooms. I can’t overstate just how valuable this project has become to me as both a traveling enthusiast and as someone who recommends games to friends near and far. 

TERPECA 2022 logo.

Who Can Vote

If you’ve played at least 100 escape rooms, you’re eligible to vote! Just go to the TERPECA voter portal to get started.

How To Vote

This video will show you everything you need to know. And it is narrated by a delightful sounding fellow.

Vote Now

Voting is currently open, but closes November 30 at 11:59 PM Pacific. You still have time to cast your votes, so don’t miss your opportunity to contribute.

It’s Easy

No it’s not. I have 62 eligible games staring me in the face, each needing to be put in their place. But it is worth the effort. The more people who participate the more meaningful the rankings will be. 

Thankfully the TERPECA voting system makes it as easy as possible. If you voted last year, your previous rankings were saved and will serve as a great starting place for this year. Any new games you mark as played will be highlighted as “new.” This makes the whole process much easier.

I also found this List Ranker very helpful; it was created and supplied by a TERPECA contributor.

Learn More

These pieces will give you more insight into the project and the results:

These links will explain more about what is new for 2022:

Note, David and Lisa share a vote on the TERPECA board. It is not an REA project, but they do their best to help guide it and we’re all excited to see it grow. We hope you’ll join the project.

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