Be That Person Who Knows About Escape Rooms

I’d bet most of us are known as “that person who knows about escape rooms” to at least some of our friends and family. I suggest we all lean into that. Be that person. Why not? It’s cool to be an expert. Maximize your role as that person who knows about good escape rooms.

Two hands reaching out for one another.
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RECON Boston 22: Spotlight on the Games

Games are an integral part of RECON. They provide examples of other creators’ work so we can learn and be inspired. They give our community members a chance to meet each other and connect. Plus, games are fun!

Today we are shining a spotlight on the games of RECON Boston 22.

The RECON team is bringing a varied collection of game types to this event. This includes traditional escape rooms, a large-group ballroom game, two different styles of multi-million dollar challenge arcades, and whatever Brett Kuehner has in his pockets. This all adds up to more than 8 hours of gameplay, all included with your RECON ticket. 

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Get your ticket now with the early bird discount of $100 off. This discount only lasts until May 10.

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