Now Available: More Tickets to our Sold Out Montreal Tour

We have good news and better news!

The Good News: When we announced tickets to Escape Immerse Explore Montreal last week, they sold out in one week.

The Better News: We worked with the companies in Montreal to open up a second session. We now have more tickets available for this event.

These tickets are on sale now.

Escape Immerse Explore logo in red and white, abstractly mimicking the Canadian flag.

Tickets Details

The newly available tickets are for Session 2.

Tickets for Session 2 are identical to the original tickets (Session 1) in every way except the dates.

Same escape rooms. Same schedule structure. Same price. Those details are available here.

Session 2 Dates: Tuesday, May 9 – Thursday May 11

These dates overlap with the Session 1 dates (Sunday, May 7 – Tuesday, May 9).

Schedule Things

On Tuesday evening, May 9, we’ll have a joint event with both sessions at Escaparium Laval.

This will be an amazing evening with tons of escape room loving folks all together, hanging out at one of the top escape room venues in North America (the only venue in the world with three 2022 TERPECA winning games).

Of note, you’ll only be able to play escape rooms with people who have tickets for your session of the tour.

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