New Tour Announcement! Escape Immerse Explore: Montreal 2023

In May we are taking Escape Immerse Explore back to Montreal. Our 9th escape room tour is a return to one of the top escape room markets in North America. Since we last took a tour there in October 2021, the market has only improved.

Attendees will experience some of the most impressive set design in North America. Escaparium is building at a scale that few would even think to rival.

If you’re interested, get your tickets now… our tours always sell out. We’ve already sold more than half of the available tickets during pre-sale.*

Escape Immerse Explore logo in red and white, abstractly mimicking the Canadian flag.

Key Details

  • Dates: Sunday, May 7 – Tuesday, May 9
  • Please plan to arrive on Saturday and leave on Wednesday so as not to miss any games.
  • You will play 12 escape rooms over 3 days. This is the most games we’ve included on a tour, to date!

Featured Companies

More Information

Here is the event page, which includes a detailed FAQ.

It probably contains everything you need to know about the event. If you still have questions, please contact us.


Get your ticket today. Join us in Montreal!

*Pre-sale was available to REA Patreon backers and all past Escape Immerse Explore tour goers.

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