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Empty Book!

When I was a child, I was enamored with “empty books.” I loved to write, and I loved the possibilities of what story would one day fill the empty pages. I quickly amassed a pile of journals.

As an adult, I always carry a notebook. Even as I’ve become ever more reliant on digital technology, I’ve clung to notebooks. A blank blog post just doesn’t have the same allure, or give me the same satisfaction.

PostCurious’ Leatherette Journal & Puzzle offered something beyond the promise of empty pages: an unsolved puzzle. I’m excited to carry it with me when my current “empty book” fills up.

A brown leatherette journal with an intricate gold Celtic knot pattern connecting a series of 12 different icons.


The Leatherette Journal & Puzzle is a high quality notebook. The binding was solid. The faux leather covers felt good in my hands. The gold decor contrasted nicely with the background. The gold foil stamping is firmly pressed into the leather. I haven’t started to carry the journal around yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to peel off or otherwise wear heavily.

With blank pages, you won’t be confined to writing stories. This seems an appropriate decision from a company whose tabletop products are gorgeous works of art. You’re free to sketch across these pages. (I will not attempt to sketch. I will stick to words and endeavor to write in straight lines.)

The puzzle was expertly clued, and extremely satisfying. It connected beautifully. The resolution was satisfying. Plus, it had a visual structure that made me work for each step – even after the aha – but didn’t add excessive time.

I appreciate a notebook that piques curiosity. The Leatherette Journal & Puzzle does this with PostCurious’ signature Celtic knot art that points to a selection of curious symbols. It’s the kind of notebook someone might ask you about.

And if they ask, you can share the puzzle. It:

  • was not too complicated or lengthy
  • didn’t involve extra materials beyond the cover design and inscription
  • would be approachable for puzzle solvers of all levels

Anyone who wants could give it a go. It was the kind of puzzle that can be an ambassador of puzzles to folks who are attracted to beautiful curiosities, but maybe not (yet) puzzles.

The puzzle was from the world of The Emerald Flame. If you’re looking for a game with more involved and challenging puzzles or a more complex narrative, that’s my recommendation. For a little less commitment (but much more than what’s in the journal), try PostCurious’ The Light in the Mist or Adrift.

If you’re like me, and you find that an analogue “empty book” is still the best way to write new ideas, keep yourself organized, or solve puzzles, I strongly recommend the Leatherette Journal & Puzzle.


  • 148mmx213mm / 5.8″x8.38″
  • 78 blank sheets (156 pages)
  • $23
  • Available from PostCurious

Buy your copy of PostCurious’ Leatherette Journal & Puzzle, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Disclosure: PostCurious gave us a copy to review.

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