Nerding Out with David Spira and Riley Stock: REPOD goes on The Community Board Game Show

David makes a guest appearance on The Board Game Community Show. In this crossover episode, David and Riley nerd out about all their favorite nerdy topics, including podcast production, legacy games, and managing social dynamics at game night.

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David and Riley share insights on producing the Reality Escape Pod and tips for improving podcast quality. They delve into different board games, including legacy games Clank: Legacy and Aeon’s End: Legacy, discussing strategies and gameplay dynamics. David also talks about Diplomacy, a board game that he considers one of the most elegant ever designed, and its impact on personal relationships. They explore managing personal feelings when playing social manipulation and deduction games, including Survivor and poker. They discuss David’s moderation of a panel on games at PAX Unplugged, and they touch on non-game related interests, such as David’s fascination with the video essay format and growing up with “nerdy interests.”

David and Riley have such a great rapport, and with their mutual interests, it’s easy to see why they had such great chemistry on this show.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • [1:00] David and Riley chat about producing Reality Escape Pod, including some behind the scenes stories, the production process, and tips for improving the quality of your podcast. David talks about his deep dive research when preparing questions for guests and chats about his dynamic with his co-host Peih-Gee Law.
  • [21:00] David and Riley move on to chatting about escape rooms and games. David just started playing Clank: Legacy. They discuss strategies and playing co-op versus competitively.
  • [29:00] David talks about his love for legacy games, and chats about some other favorites including Aeon’s End: Legacy.
  • [37:00] David and Riley talk about board game collections, playing Magic The Gathering online, and being aware of social dynamics during gaming.
  • [46:00] David talks about Diplomacy, and why he thinks it’s one of the most elegant board games ever designed. He also talks about how it can destroy relationships. They talk about managing personal feelings when playing social manipulation/ deduction games, including Survivor and poker. They also explore compartmentalizing feelings and personalities when playing competitively.
  • [1:01:16] David talks about other games he’s playing, including Arium, an RPG system created by Will Munn. These games are toolkits for building your own world and setting rules for creating your own role playing game.
  • [1:07:20] David talks about the panel he moderated at PAX Unplugged: Games You Only Play Once: What Puzzles Bring to the Table. David and Riley talk about replayability, board game collections, and pricing for games.
  • [1:17:00] David talks about non-game related interests, including his new obsession with the video essay format. David and Riley commiserate about growing up with “nerdy interests.”
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