Now Available: RECON Remote Tickets

We are excited to announce that tickets are now available for this summer’s RECON event: RECON Remote 23.

With this remote event, we are bringing the global escape room community back together to learn, connect, and play. We hope to see you there!

RECON Logo beside the 4 ticket options fanned out.

Ticket Types

There are 4 ticket options available. Read more about exactly what’s included with each ticket.

Basic Ticket – FREE

Purple Basic RECON Ticket. August 19 - 20, 2023. Online.

With a FREE Basic ticket, you get access to all the talks as they livestream on the RECON website and the recordings of the talks after the event. Plus, this ticket allows you to interact with our sponsors in the RECON Discord and take advantage of their special offers for incredible products and services. RECON is committed to having a high value FREE ticket tier so that this online event remains accessible to our global audience.

Community Ticket – $39

Bronze Community RECON Ticket. August 19 - 20, 2023. Online.

A Community Ticket gets you access to all the RECON conversations. The heart of this event is bringing the global community together to learn, exchange ideas, and delight in these games. With a Community ticket, in addition to watching the talks livestream, you’ll engage with the talks (and the speakers!) in the RECON Discord channels. Plus, while supplies last, you can claim a voucher to play a remote game designed exclusively for the RECON community: The Shop of Theseus.

Pro Ticket – $99

Silver Pro RECON Ticket. August 19 - 20, 2023. Online.

The Pro Ticket is designed for industry professionals – owners, operators, designers, creatives, makers – those who are thinking about where this industry is headed. With a Pro Ticket, you’ll have access to Facilitated Discussions, guided small-group conversations to unpack the key topics of a talk and relate them back to your business. At the “Birds of a Feather” topic-based conversations, you’ll expand your network as you work through new ideas with peers. Plus, while supplies last, you can claim a voucher to play a remote game designed exclusively for the RECON community: The Shop of Theseus.

Champion Ticket – $399

Gold Champion RECON Ticket. August 19 - 20, 2023. Online.

For those who Champion RECON, please consider supporting this event with a Champion ticket. In return, you’ll get special perks, which include priority/ preferred access to all limited aspects of RECON, an exclusive opportunity to chat with select speakers, and a conversation with RECON’s founders, Lisa & David. Plus our team will guide your RECON Discord experience. Thank you for championing RECON. Your support means a lot.

Limited Game Vouchers Available

When you purchase your ticket today, you’ll have the opportunity to add a Game Pass.

The RECON Remote exclusive game, Shop of Theseus, is a custom creation, designed specifically for the RECON audience by Mark Larson, known as the creator of Escape from Escape Island (a RECON 21 exclusive). When purchasing a Community, Pro, or Champion ticket you’ll have the opportunity claim a “Game Pass” which gives you a voucher to book a time slot to play this game in the weeks leading up to RECON. The game is only available while supplies last.

RECON Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have a product or service that you’d like to showcase to RECON attendees, we have a number of great sponsorship opportunities available. Click the link below or reach out to to learn more.

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