RECON Remote 23 Speakers Announced! Join Your Community this August

RECON offers different things to different people, but one thing that comes up again and again is the community. That’s why we’re offering a “Community” Ticket. If you’re looking to get connected, this is the ticket for you! You can read about all the different ticket types here.

Bronze Community RECON Ticket. August 19 - 20, 2023. Online.

Speaker Spotlights

Here’s a preview of two of the featured talks we’ll be chatting about as a community in the RECON Discord. Learn more about these talks, and to see who else is speaking at RECON Remote 23.

Anne & Chris Lukeman

CU Adventures in Champaign, Illinois, USA

Adaptive Difficulty: Strategies For Making Games That Both Newbies & Enthusiasts Will Love

Errol Elumir

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

6 Mindsets to Overcome as a Puzzle Designer

Lasting Friendships

I was honestly amazed at how previous virtual RECONs created a energetic social environment of open and friendly people. Finally, a group of like minded individuals that get it when I share my directional lock stories. And while many virtual games have less appeal when we aren’t confined to our homes, the RECON team works with designers that creates games that so appeal to this community. I’ve created lasting friendships from previous RECONs through chat and play and look forward to the same from RECON 23.

Scott Olson, REA Contributor and RECON Volunteer

One of the joys of a virtual event is that you’ll meet people from all over the world.

I’ll never forget how, as we stayed up late into the night chatting with folks in a Discord “Bar” (video channel), we were also watching the sunrise in Eastern Europe out someone else’s window. RECON Remote has a true community feel.

Your Community Ticket gets you access to these Discord Bars, and the ability to chatter late into the night (or the morning!) in text, voice, and video channels.

A Community Ticket is only $39.

If you’re a player and your looking to meet others, like Scott, who share your joy of directional locks, the Community Ticket is perfect for you.

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