More RECON Remote 23 Speakers Announced! Plus How to Get the Most out of Each Talk

RECON is all about creating meaningful industry conversations. Our goal is to inspire each creator to continually improve their craft. If you’re a creator or aspiring creator of escape rooms or immersive games, a Pro ticket is perfect for you. You can read about all the different ticket types here.

Silver Pro RECON Ticket. August 19 - 20, 2023. Online.

Speaker Spotlights

Here’s a preview of another one of the featured talks we’ll be engaging with in the RECON Discord. Learn more about these talks, and to see who else is speaking at RECON Remote 23.

The Social Media Marketing Puzzle

Social media marketing is a really hard puzzle. That’s why we invited Brittney Coleman of Hour To Exit Escape Games in New Rochelle, NY and Anna Lysova of Scarlet Envelope in Montreal, Canada to share practical tips for promoting escape room and tabletop puzzle businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. If you don’t feel confident with content creation, trends, reels, and algorithms… come join us for this session.

Meaningful Discourse

RECON is like a dreamy summer camp where you’re finally surrounded by “your people.” Time ceases to exist as you stay up into the wee hours of the night, discussing that day’s thoughtfully curated talks and workshops and bonding with fellow enthusiasts, creators, and owners over the nichest of topics. Every attendee’s passion for the escape room and immersive entertainment industry is remarkably genuine.

This welcoming, forward-thinking culture cultivated at RECON is no accident. While many other conferences and festivals can feel cliquey or like victory laps for well-known guests, every layer of RECON’s programming and social structure is intentionally designed around meaningful discourse, accessibility, and inclusion. Attending RECON provides a glimpse into the bright future of escape rooms — and the folks who are actively creating that future.

Matthew Stein, REA Contributor and RECON Volunteer

The RECON Programming team is working with each speaker to craft a talk that starts a conversation. Whether you’re an expert or novice, the Pro ticket is designed to give you space to digest and reflect on these talks. You’ll join a Facilitated Discussion in a Discord video channel, where together with a RECON Facilitator, you’ll unpack these talks with your colleagues. This is an incredible opportunity to network with others from all over the world.

A Pro Ticket is only $99.

If you’re like Matthew and you’re searching for conversations with those who are actively creating the future of escape rooms, a Pro ticket is perfect for you.

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