🎀 Speaker Announcement – Plus How to Challenge Your Thinking at RECON Remote 23

Whether you’re an industry veteran, or new to escape rooms and immersive games, RECON pushes you to challenge your assumptions. That’s how we push this industry in new directions. If you’re a creator or aspiring creator of escape rooms or immersive games, a Pro ticket is perfect for you. You can read about all the different ticket types here.

Silver Pro RECON Ticket. August 19 - 20, 2023. Online.

Speaker Spotlights

Here’s a preview of another one of the featured talks we’ll be engaging with in the RECON Discord. Learn more about these talks, and to see who else is speaking at RECON Remote 23.

The Business of Fun: Operations & Financials

You might remember Dino Paulo from REPOD. On Season 4, Episode 6, we chatted about his experiences winning Survivor South Africa and owning Hinthunt Africa. Now we welcome Dino to the RECON stage, along with co-owner Gary Kelly to share how they overcame financial malfeasance and pandemic-related challenges to save their escape room business.

This session is perfect for small businesses seeking practical knowledge. They have stories to tell with lessons we can all learn from.

Challenge Your Thinking

RECON is designed to challenge your thinking of what’s possible, and provide practical steps to make those dreams a reality. The event’s carefully curated talks are chosen to get escape room owners, employees, and fans to rethink what the industry can deliver, and provide a roadmap to making that happen.

From getting attendees to rethink the philosophy driving their lighting setups and narrative flows to offering guidance on properly constructed hint systems, even the most seasoned industry veterans are practically guaranteed to reevaluate some of their core assumptions about the field, pushing their work to new heights.

-Michael Andersen, ARGN.com

The RECON Programming team puts a ton of time into each talk to make sure they are inspirational and actionable. Beyond working with the speakers, the team crafts questions and reactions to drive the Facilitated Discussions. You’re not alone at RECON. You’re part of a network and a community working together for a sustainable, advancing industry.

A Pro Ticket is only $99.

If you’re like Michael and you’re excited to challenge your thinking about escape rooms and immersive games, a Pro ticket is perfect for you.

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