🎀 Speaker Announcement & How to Play Shop of Theseus at RECON Remote 23

If you love innovative and unusual games, you’ll want to play The Shop of Theseus. This is a RECON Remote 23 exclusive. You’ll need a RECON ticket to play. If playing games is your focus, grab a Community Ticket today. You can read about all the different ticket types here.

Bronze Community RECON Ticket. August 19 - 20, 2023. Online.

Speaker Spotlights

Here’s a preview of another one of the featured talks we’ll be engaging with in the RECON Discord. Learn more about these talks, and see who else is speaking at RECON Remote 23.

Not Another Puzzle Design Talk: Evolving Through Designing 200+ Games

You might remember Gai Bosco from REPOD. On Season 4, Episode 7, we learned that he’s designed more than 200 escape rooms. He has a lot of game design experience to share. Lee Balan will join Gai on the RECON stage to dig into how to design for a specific venue, audience or budget. A lot of thought goes into every aspect of game design to make sure a game is the right fit… and still novel, so many games later.

This session has something for novice designers and experts alike.

Creating Community

I’m looking forward to being surrounded by hundreds of other people who get it. To being blown away by the new and beautiful magic this community is creating. To looking around and saying β€œwow, I’m home.”

-Lindsay Froelich, REA Contributor and RECON Volunteer

RECON is all about creating community around escape rooms and immersive games. That’s why we have a Community Ticket.

Shop of Theseus

With a Community ticket (or a Pro or Champion ticket!), you’ll get access to the RECON Remote exclusive game, Shop of Theseus. It’s designed for you, someone who loves escape rooms and immersive games. It’s full of inside jokes. It’s going to be a silly good time. Game Designer Mark Larson even gives us a teaser in this week’s REPOD episode.

A Community Ticket is only $39. Make sure to scroll down to the Ticket Enhancements section at checkout and click the button in include “Game Pass (digital)” with your purchase. This will get you access to The Shop of Theseus when it opens this summer.

If you’re like Lindsay and you want to feel at home with other escape room people, a Community ticket is perfect for you.

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