Robots Solving – Jigsaw Puzzles 🧩🤖

Over the past couple of years Stuff Made Here has emerged as one of my favorite YouTube channels. Engineer Shane Wighton engages in quixotic build challenges that strike a balance between education, entertainment, and just a little unhinged.

3D rendering closeup of a humanoid robot holding a pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Text reads, "Robot emoji solving."

Last year, Wighton posted two different videos of robots designed to solve increasingly complex jigsaw puzzles.

The first video starts off a little more “simple.”

And the second really revs up into a level of complexity that is astounding.

If I am being honest, these videos are remarkable, but aren’t anywhere near as crazy as some of his other work. Jigsaw puzzles are just a convenient overlapping topic that allows me to use a post to tell you about his channel.

Be sure to check out Stuff Made Here.

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