Go Experience Doors of Divergence, While You Still Can

Sadly, there is a limited window remaining to experience Doors of Divergence.

Their two games, Heresy: 1897 and the Golden Lock Award-winning, Madness: 1917 are collectively among the most exciting thing that we have experienced in escape rooms in years. These two games are legitimately replayable because the choices that we make as players result in vastly different experiences.

And all of it is going away. At least for the foreseeable future.

We suggest you head to Brooklyn, New York, to play these games, while you still can.

A metal box with a big red light reads, "Overload"

Why is Doors Closing?

This is what they have said on their Facebook page:

Hello friends, both past and future-
It is my unfortunate responsibility to let you know that, due to circumstances beyond our control, Doors of Divergence will be closing operations, at least temporarily, in the next few weeks. Future Proof, our hosting company who has so generously provided us funds and space to develop our project, is shutting down, and therefore our company will no longer have a home.
Doors of Divergence opened just over a year ago, and in that time we have been overwhelmed at the positive reaction- so many of you let us know just how much you enjoyed the experience we’ve created. Our approach to crafting this weird immersive/escape room/choose-your-own-adventure hybrid had many design challenges, and took months upon months of hard work by so many incredibly talented people; to see the wonderful things you all had to say about what we created makes all of that work worth it.
The timing of this is admittedly awkward- the reviews have been great, our sales have been increasing faster than we expected, and we are already knee deep in development for our third chapter of the Paradox Cycle. Because of this, we have decided we are not closing the door on our project permanently- there is still more story to tell, and many more people we want to share our world and characters with. Therefore, we are actively seeking a new space and funding to finish out our story.
We will be selling tickets for the final few weeks of our run, with a closing date no earlier than August 27th (with the potential for an extension to September 10th, depending on certain factors.) If you haven’t visited us yet, or are still itching to see the storylines you missed and characters you never met, now is the time, as we don’t know how long it will be until the doors re-open. Those of you who have already purchased tickets for dates after the closing date will be contacted about refunds in the coming weeks.
If you are someone who is actively interested in partnering with us as we move into the next phase of our company’s life cycle, please contact cvernon@doorsofdivergence.com.
Thank you all again for the love you’ve shown us over the past year, and we can’t wait to welcome you all again when the Doors of Divergence reopen in a new home.

Doors of Divergence (Facebook, August 15, 2023)

Update August 24, 2023: Doors of Divergence was able to extend their run in their current venue and will be open through October 1.

Why Should I Play?

Doors of Divergence offers a truly special pair of experiences. A good portion of the Room Escape Artist team has played both games twice… and were thrilled by both playthroughs. This is not a statement we make lightly in the escape room world.

Lisa and I are going to replay it again this weekend. After RECON, we adjusted the travel plans of our team so that we could get a few more of the REA crew to visit.

We strongly encourage you to see what the Doors of Divergence team has been up to. In spite of this setback, their team has unlocked a critical new branch in the development of the escape room medium.

It is our sincere hope that Doors of Divergence both inspires other creators and makes a triumphant return.

But in the mean time, opportunities are dwindling to visit this paradox in a time bubble. Honestly, this temporal chaos almost seems like a fitting end or beginning for Doors of Divergence.

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