Enigma Escape Rooms- Crime Scene [Review]

“It was somebody, in the someplace, with the something!”

Location: Los Angeles, California

Date played: March 20, 2016

Team size: 2-6; we recommend 3-4

Price: Prices vary based on time & day.

Theme & story

Following on the story from Enigma Escape Rooms’ previous game, The Will, we were a team of investigators seeking the truth about Albert Cartwright’s demise. The game was set within the theater where he was murdered. We were tasked with a two-part mission:

1. Determine who killed Cartwright, where they did it, and with what weapon
2. Escape the room

Basically, we were playing Clue.

Image of teh stage at The Apollo Victoria Theater. The curtain is red, there is a painting resting on stage right, and a yellow #7 evidence marker at center-stage.
Killer performance!

The setup

Because Crime Scene included an additional layer of game, Enigma Escape Rooms spent a bit more time during the pre-game explaining the setup, rules, and expectations. The extra handholding was entertaining and setup the game well.

We had no doubts about our mission.

The mystery

We liked that we could escape the room and still lose because we failed to solve the mystery. This was an interesting X factor for us to reconcile.

As the game progressed, we probably spent equal amounts of time solving puzzles to advance through the game and making sense of the clues.

In the end, we had the door puzzle solved, but chose to spend an additional 5 to 10 minutes debating the facts to ensure that we had the narrative of the crime correct before we exited the game.

The mystery itself mostly made sense. There were a few plot holes that didn’t quite add up, but it was a fun mechanic nonetheless.

Image of 8 theater seats, one is wrapped in caution tape.
Someone was dying to see this show.

Hinting system

The action that our team had to collectively take to trigger a hint was humorously self-deprecating. We got a good chuckle out of it.

Brilliant interactions

Following what we experienced in Enigma’s The Will, Crime Scene had a number of wonderful moments and fun triggers. Some of them were foreseeable; others were rather complex and surprising.

The exit door

The exit door was magnificently constructed. It’s our second favorite door.

Should I play Enigma Escape Rooms’ Crime Scene?

Crime Scene was an interesting game. It offered our team a bit of unexpected challenge because early on it was difficult for us to determine the difference between the clues to the puzzles, the clues to the mystery, and the ones that were part of both.

As our game progressed, we got a better grasp on things and it became more about understanding the facts of the crime.

If you’re new to escape rooms, this is not the best room to begin with. It’s a bit too different from the norm to serve as an on-ramp for rookies.

If you’ve played a few escape rooms and you’re looking to spice things up, I wholeheartedly recommend attempting to solve this crime.

Book your hour with Enigma Escape Rooms’ , and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Enigma Escape Rooms provided media discounted tickets for this game.

Enigma Escape Rooms – The Will [Review]

More fun than a legal document!

Location: Los Angeles, California

Date played: March 20, 2016

Team size: 2-6; we recommend 2-4

Price: Prices vary based on time & day.

Theme & story

Our main character anticipated that he would be murdered – although it would look like a suicide – and he hid his will, which contained the truth of what happened. We were his family in search of this document.

Warmly lit image of a typewriter on a desk.


The Will began in an office setting. The office had a handful of interesting gadgets to investigate.

It wasn’t cluttered with other office-y odds and ends to rummage though.

Linear design

The game started itself in an unusual manner. From the beginning, the puzzles followed linearly, each one revealing the clue to the next.

The Will didn’t contain a lot of puzzles, but each one was elegantly crafted and many were technologically driven.


Enigma Escape Rooms used a variety of mechanisms that created the magic in an otherwise mundane office escape game. With the linear game design, these mechanisms continually triggered to move the game forward in delightful, beautiful ways. Our experienced team of four marveled at some of the expertly designed moments.

Image of a old-looking telephone and an ink-smeared letter, all lit by a candle.


Before the game began, the staff at Enigma made a big deal about being gentle with the objects in the game.

We heeded their warning, such that early on, we needed a hint because in being gentle, we hadn’t investigated an object firmly enough.

Additionally, they had affixed “do not touch” signs to particular items and our gamemaster would come over the speaker to remind us if anyone even started to investigate a “do not touch” object.

I’m sure not every group handles escape games with great care, and these repetitive warning can be necessary to protect the technology that drives the game, but the continual emphasis on not touching was off-putting to our very respectful team. 

Should I play Enigma Escape Rooms’ The Will?

Although the game’s mystery involved a death, it wasn’t at all scary. From that perspective, it was approachable to teams of all ages and sentiments.

That said, leave any rambunctious children (or adults) at home. Bring only teammates who can play gently with their surroundings.

The Will will be a short play for experienced players, but it was definitely worth it for the series of magical moments. Bring a team of players who will be interested in technologically driven reveals and won’t try too hard to mess with them.

Newer players will find this game more difficult as elements continue to reveal the unexpected. However, with the linear design and fewer puzzles, it will still be playable and probably very exciting.

Book your hour with Enigma Escape Rooms’ , and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Enigma Escape Rooms provided media discounted tickets for this game.