Coming Soon: Golden Lock Awards 2022

Many of you noticed that we didn’t announce any Golden Lock Award winners back at the start of the year… We didn’t forget, we weren’t being lazy, and we didn’t abandon our award. We were low-key moving it for a whole bunch of reasons.

So let’s start with the details on the 2022 Golden Lock Awards… and then we can chat about why we moved it.

2022 Golden Lock Awards

The 2022 Golden Lock Awards livestream will happen on Saturday, April 30.

We’re hosting a live gathering of the REA Hivemind: a swarm. We’ll all be together to share our favorite games of 2021 and Q1 2022. Moving forward, we will be hosting the Golden Lock Awards in April.

So, yes, the Hivemind and our active reviewers will be a big part of this year’s awards and their presentation.

Image of the Golden Lock Award for 2022 beside the text, "Livestream April 30"

The last big change we’re making this year is the addition of a Tabletop Escape Game category. Plus, special for this year only, we will be adding retrospective awards for Tabletop Escape Games we played in the past that really defined this medium.

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Create The Escape TV Show [Kids’ Product Review]

Editor’s note: David Spira, co-creator of this website, was involved early on as a production consultant on the pilot episode for Create The Escape. He was not involved in the writing or editing of this review.

Create The Escape is a series on the Peacock network in which professional designers work with kids to plan and build a room for their parents to complete. Each half-hour episode consists of a creation segment and a playthrough segment. The creation segment focuses on set construction and puzzle prototyping, allowing the kids to contribute to the process. The playthrough segment reveals how all of the details come together and then follows the parents as they attempt to escape the room. Some of the kids watch the parents from a Control Room and deliver hints, while the others participate in jump scares and controlled set interactions. If the parents complete the room in under 30 minutes, they win a trophy and a mysterious prize box. Otherwise, the kids win these items.

Create The Escape title card depicts the cast and a couple of child game designers viewed through a keyhole.
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Announcing The Book of Dreams on Indiegogo

We are excited about The Book of Dreams, a puzzle anthology, created as a collaboration by 12 world-renowned puzzle-related companies.

100% of the profit is going to Doctors Without Borders.

The Indiegogo campaign is live now.

We don’t typically announce or promote crowdfunding campaigns without playing and reviewing a nearly finished prototype. However, today we are making an exception. We believe in this group of creators, and want to support this cause. We hope you feel the same way.

The Book of Dreams, a Puzzle Anthology cover art with ornate gold lettering over an illustrated sky background.
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