Escape from the Werewolf Village [Review]

The Geek Whisperer

I spent my birthday locked in a big room with five of my friends at the “Escape from the Werewolf Village” in New York City. This was a one weekend only, traveling room escape event put on by one of the pioneers in the real life room escape world. I was damn excited. I have been obsessed with these room escapes, so much so that I wrote a primer on how to do them.

Sadly, I found this event lacking in a number of significant ways.

I’m going to break them down without giving away any significant spoilers from the game.

Escape From the Werewolf Village

The Room Was Irrelevant

Room escape puzzles are typically intimate events. A team of 2 – 12 people working in close quarters, physically interacting with one another and the room. This was a 90 person event with teams of 6 people. Most of the work happens at your…

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