Famous Geeks Escape a Horror Room Escape [with so many spoilers]

Famous geeks Felicia Day, Zachary Levi, Seth Green, and Clare Grant escaped the notorious THE BASEMENT in Los Angeles, California.

We haven’t played this game, but I’d like to.


This room looks about as terrifying as escape rooms get. It’s important to note that most room escapes are not scary (especially to this degree… WTF?!).


This video is loaded with spoilers, even more than when the game appeared on The Bachelorette (and we rapidly learned which of our friends and family watch The Bachelorette).

The escape segment picks up around 3:30, but I’d recommend watching the whole video because Felicia Day is awesome.

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  1. I guess some folks who run haunted houses in Hallowe’en season found a way to exercise their talents the rest of the year.

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