TransWorld: Escape Room City

TransWorld, the very long-running haunt industry trade show, is expanding its coverage to include escape rooms (as is the haunt industry in general).

Their annual Halloween & Attractions Show will feature a new section called Escape Room City.

TransWorld Escape Room City Logo

What’s happening in Escape Room City?

In Escape Room City, TransWorld will feature escape room seminars, exhibitors, and puzzle and prop vendors, as well as the opportunity to network with the other designers and owners in attendance.

Where and when is this happening?

The trade show is located at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri from March 17th through the 20th.

Why should you go?

The escape room industry can learn a lot from the haunt industry about experience design, building durable environments, and conveying story through physical interactions.

Additionally, the networking should be wonderful. As this industry continues to grow, we hope to see more opportunities for escape room designers, operators, and enthusiasts to come together and swap knowledge, philosophies, and skills.

Will Room Escape Artist be in attendance?

We will be on our honeymoon during TransWorld’s St. Louis show, so we’re going to have to sit this one out.


We will be there both in spirit and in print. We’ve produced a couple of pages of serious yet humorous advice for escape room operators. This content will be made exclusively available to the attendees of TransWorld.

If you’re planning to go

Tell us about your experience. We’re sad that we’re missing it, so let us live vicariously through you.

Drop a comment below, or send us a message.

We’re serious.

But it might take us a few weeks to reply. Because honeymoon.

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