Harlem Escape Room Raising Funds To Restore Themselves After Fire

Earlier this year, we visited Hoodwinked Escape and played their games Spirit of Harlem & Military Mission.

Hoodwinked Escape is one of our many hometown companies and we are sad to report that they had to close their doors due to a fire in their basement. Thankfully no one was hurt, but their games are in rough shape.

Before and after photos of the Hoodwinked facility. There is a lot of damage.

Support Hoodwinked

Hoodwinked Escape has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to fuel their rebuild. In the spirit of the holidays, we encourage everyone to join us in giving a little to help the folks from Hoodwinked Escape get back on their feet.

Send a little love their way.

Happy holidays.

One thought on “Harlem Escape Room Raising Funds To Restore Themselves After Fire

  1. Thank you for letting us know about this. It breaks my heart to hear about a setback for a Mom and Pop establishment like this. I will send some support their way from the West Coast.

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