Meet us at “Up The Game” in The Netherlands

May 9, 2017, we’ll have the honor of speaking to the audience at Up The Game, the International Escape Room & Real life Gaming conference in Breda, The Netherlands.

Up The Game 2017

Hosted in The Prison Dome Breda, an actual former prison, I can’t really think of a more interesting conference venue. Plus… it looks awesome. I will be bringing my good camera.

We’ll be speaking on The Player Experience (a greatly updated version of our talk from the 2016 Room Escape Conference in Chicago), and likely participating in a panel discussion.

The exciting speaker list for Up The Game includes Scott Nicholson and the folks from Punchdrunk (Sleep No More). I am particularly excited to hear Nataša Potočnik’s talk on historical escape rooms, among so many others.

Come meet us!

It will be a long flight, but it looks worth it. Grab your passport and join us across the ocean for some international escapes and an exchange of ideas.

Keen observers will also note that Up The Game is taking place one week after the Buffalo / Niagara Room Escape Conference. We will be attending both and delivering completely different talks at each. If a prison in The Netherlands is a bit too extreme, we certainly hope to meet in my former home of Buffalo, New York.

See you in prison.

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