Join us at the Niagara Falls Room Escape Conference

We’re giving Tuesday’s only free seminar at the Transworld Niagara Falls Room Escape Conference. And that’s not all…

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There are going to be a ton of great speakers including:

  • Matthew DuPlessie, 5Wits
  • Dave Ferrier, Trapped PHL
  • Shawn Fischtein, Escape Games Canada
  • Elisabeth Garson, Steel Owl Productions
  • Nate Martin, Puzzle Break
  • Anthony Purzycki, Trap Door
  • Room Escape Divas

There are many more whom I haven’t heard speak, but I think will have something interesting to say, including:

  • Nicole Ginsburg, Escape The Estate
  • Marty Parker, Room Escape Adventures
  • Brian Warner, Evilusions

Buffalo / Niagara reviews

If you’re planning to attend, check out our in depth coverage of the Buffalo / Niagara region escape rooms.

A reminder to all: You need a passport or enhanced license (if you aren’t sure if you have one, you don’t) to cross the border into Canada (or the US). This is worth noting because the escape rooms in Niagara Falls, Canada are very close to the conference.

Our talk

Goldi-lock-ing Your Escape Room Business: Learn the Difference between Magnificent, Average, and Tragic Escape Room Design

We want to help you understand the tangible differences in execution between escape rooms.

We’re going to do this by looking at common interactions in escape room design and walk you through some of the differences that set apart the best and worst that we’ve seen in our approximately 300 games as reviewers.

We’re going to talk about all of the greatest hits:

  • Locks
  • Blacklights
  • Gamemastering
  • Books
  • Trap doors
  • Customer service
  • … and more

Bring your questions and an open mind. We’re here to help.

The panel we’re moderating

Co-Working, Co-Existing… and THRIVING!


  • Mindy & Davy Plaisance, Rise Escape Rooms
  • Dwayne Sanburn, 13th Gate Escape
  • Megan Mouton, Clue Carre
  • Moderators: David & Lisa Spira

A panel of top room escape companies talk about co-existing, working together and operating nationally-renowned escape room games.

This panel will cost $50 per person if you pre-register or $55 per person if you register at the conference.

Our booth

We don’t yet have the details, but we’ll have a booth.

Come find us, we’d love to chat.

Get your tickets for the Niagara Room Escape Conference, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

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