Vote for Your Favorite Escape Room… 2017 Edition

The USA Today Readers’ Choice 10Best list for 2017 has been announced. This year we helped create the list: 12 of our nominees appear in this year’s list of finalists.

USA Today 10 Best Readers' Choice 2017 logo.

10Best Travel Lists

USA Today publishes 10Best lists to help travelers make the most out of their trips.

According to the USA Today website, for this feature “our travel experts select the top 20 nominees in contests covering food, lodging, destinations, travel gear, things to do… the list goes on. Then it’s up to you to make the final decision by casting your vote.”

When USA Today launched this vote last year, we reached out for additional information about the categories and the frequency of the list publication:

“10Best launches new Readers’ Choice contests every two weeks, each batch centered on a different theme. Some categories, like cruise, hotels and theme parks, we repeat from year to year. Others we might only run once or every couple of years.

Across the different categories, 10Best is read by 5 million travelers per month. 

2017 escape room nominations

We nominated 20 escape room companies to USA Today for 2017.

12 of our nominees appear in this year’s list of finalists. If you read the descriptions of the companies carefully, you might be able to pick out a few of our favorites.

The 20 nominees for 2017 cover 10 states. They are heavily skewed toward California, and in particular Los Angeles, along with other standout markets New York and Louisiana.

Promoting growth

With this reader vote, USA Today is promoting escape rooms along with museums, tours, amusement parks, theater, and everything else that might have a 10Best list in the “things to do” category.

Your vote is a vote for the continued growth of escape rooms in the United States. It’s a vote for tourists to visit these games, discover this genre of entertainment, and seek to play more escape rooms. At its core, this vote isn’t about which company is the best. It’s about seeing escape rooms continue to thrive.

The polls close on Monday, September 25 at noon ET. Cast your vote for escape rooms.


  1. Congrats on being among those few selected to choose the top escape rooms of the year. It’s quite an accomplishment to be acknowledged by USA Today as Subject Matter Experts, and it’s really something special that you have truly “arrived” as THE true experts in this narrow field of knowledge. Really proud of you both!

  2. Thanks, Dominque! We’re really excited that we got to participate in this and we really appreciate the support.

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