Mystery Flavor Peeps 2018 [Review]

Not for human consumption.

Location: at home

Date Played: March 29, 2018

Price: $10.50 for all packages of all 3 flavors

REA Reaction

An octopus crawling away across the seabed

These Mystery Flavor Peeps were vile. The big mystery here isn’t what the flavors are. Rather, it’s why anyone at the Peeps organization saw fit to release these on an unsuspecting public.

Should I eat Mystery Flavor Peeps 2018?

Nope. These Peeps are not worth the money, sugar, or calories.

Who is this for?

  • People who want to prank their friends and family.
  • People who have a horrible Peeps addiction and need to mentally associate them with a terrible memory to break their habit.
  • People who have done something horrible and need to serve penance.

Why eat?

You really shouldn’t.


Our past attempts at tasting mystery flavor snacks have been odd but fun (Oreos & Gummy Bears). When I learned that Peeps had released mystery flavored marshmallow chicks, I thought, “Oh that will be fun. How badly could someone screw up sugar-coated marshmallow?”

Mystery Flavor Peeps Packaging.


The product was alluring. Each flavor came in its own brightly colored package with the cute white chicks peeping out through transparent cellophane.

While there were three different flavors, all of the Peeps were white. The coloration offered no clues.

An open carton of 5 white Mystery Flavor Peeps.


Ya open them. Ya eat them. And then ya look at the anguish and confusion in the eyes of your tasting companions and either agree or debate what exactly it is that you’re tasting.

The final stage of gameplay is pondering what you did to deserve this punishment.


+ The Mystery Flavor Peeps contained no artificial dyes. Cool?

— The taste is terrible.

— The flavors really stick with you.

Flavor Guesses (Spoiler)

Mystery 1: Liquorish-ish.

Mystery 2: I don’t know. It started off kind-of-sort-of lemony, but then it had kind of an herbal thing going on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Mystery 3: A Peep that wished upon a star to be a real lime. 


If you’re feeling adventurous or self-loathing, buy a package of Mystery Flavor Peeps 2018.

(If you purchase via our Amazon links, you will help support Room Escape Artist as we will receive a very small percentage of the sale.)


  1. Such a great post. Thanks for the entertainment. I think I’ll be skipping the peeps unless I can think of any Peeps loving enemies to trick.

  2. Bwa-hah-hah-hah. You are the greatest. OK, I’m sold. Um, I mean I believe you. I won’t be buying these.

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