Unlock! – A Noside Story [Review]

Clown around.

Location: at home

Date Played: June 8, 2018

Team size: 1-6; we recommend 2-3

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $14.99

REA Reaction

A Noside Story was funny, playful, and chaotic. In this installment of Unlock!, anything could happen. This made the story interesting, but the gameplay confounding. While anything seemed plausible, each puzzle ultimately resolved to a specific, if outlandish, solution. There was a lot to love in this game, but it was entirely too frustrating.

If you love Unlock!, give it a shot. Everyone else can comfortably take a pass on this episode.

Unlock - A Noside Story box features the evil clown holding a ray gun.

Who is this for?

  • Story seekers
  • Tabletop gamers
  • Players with at least some experience with the Unlock! series

Why play?

  • Detailed and amusing card art
  • A silly and creative story
  • A handful of good puzzles


A Noside Story was a direct sequel to one of the first Unlock! games, the superhero story Squeek & Sausage. A smoke had covered the town, emanating from notorious Noside’s lair. It was up to us to once again put a stop to this villainous clown’s evil plans.

In-game: The top card of the game deck says "Do not flip over without permission! A Noside Story. Press Start to Start."


A Noside Story was functionally identical to the first batch of Unlock! games. For a detailed breakdown of the series’ core mechanics, give my review of the original three games a read through:

Unlock! Escape Adventure – The Formula, The Island of Doctor Goorse, and Squeek & Sausage [Review]


Unlock!โ€™s A Noside Story was an at-home escape room with a high level of difficulty. Much of the difficulty stemmed from the silliness of the story and in-game interactions. Added challenge came from managing the Unlock! game mechanics.

Core gameplay revolved around observing, puzzling, and card management.

In-game: Noside Lair card surrounded by the 6 cards for items found around the lair.


+ Unlock! consistently nails illustration. Each game has a distinctive and beautiful look. A Noside Story was no exception.

+ I respect the fantastical elements of A Noside Story. Paper-based tabletop games don’t need to be constrained by physical reality. I appreciate seeing a game explore that idea.

In-game: Three cards one featuring a dog, another Noside's front door, and the last is a cow modified with a funny glass brain helmet.

+/- A Noside Story was funny and playful. It made us do unusual and silly things. While this was entertaining, the silliness produced a lot of logic leaps and scenarios where any solution seemed plausible.

– The hidden penalty cards punished us for being incorrect. This seemed particularly unfair in a game where many correct solutions seemed just as possible as the incorrect ones we’d guessed.

+ There were a handful of great puzzles. One puzzle mixed card play with the app to produce something especially sweet.

A Noside Story was rated a 1 of 3 in difficulty. I’m struggling to tell why it was less difficult than Adventures in Oz. It followed a more typical Unlock! structure, but the logic of this installment was far more challenging.

– One of the hallmarks of the Unlock! series has been the fact that players do not destroy anything in the process of play. In A Noside Story, however, we had to destroy one of the cards to solve a puzzle. It would be possible to solve this puzzle non-destructively, but that wasn’t the intent. Destructable elements can be a lot of fun, but this interaction was a boring and unnecessary deviation from what we’ve come to expect from Unlock!

– The hidden numbers in Unlock! continue to be the bane of this entire play system. It was even worse in A Noside Story because there was a number on a card that was part of a puzzle… but corresponded to another card in the deck. We were not supposed to take the card.

Tips for Playing

  • While the Unlock! series is generally replayable, this particular episode had a destructible component.
  • Inspect everything for hidden numbers.
  • Be sure to keep a close eye on which cards are in play and which cards should be discarded. A single lapse in this can wreak some havoc.

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  1. We’re playing that one tonight. Now I’m dreading it as your reviews tend towards the nice side – I’m imagining it to be atrocious. We just finished suffering through the western game. This company is so hit and miss. It makes me wonder how they play test or if they do.

  2. Not as bad as I thought! We managed to not destroy that one card and got hints for the hidden numbers. There were a few leaps but the hints were enough to keep us moving forward. I actually liked this game better than most of theirs because of the playful nature of this one.

    1. I’m happy to hear it.

      I suspect that knowing that you don’t have to destroy the card more or less fixes that problem.

      And I really did like a lot of what they were going for in terms of playfulness.

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