DAEDALUS – Competitive Digital Escape Room [Players Needed]

If you like escape rooms, you might like to participate in this competitive digital escape room.


  • Who (Organizer): Game designers and researchers from Northeastern University
  • What: An escape room called DAEDALUS as part of a study
  • When: Accepting signups on a rolling basis
  • Where: The internet… and Boston*
  • Why: To study the impact of individual differences on group performance

Teams race against each other to finish the game in the shortest time. Teams that complete the game in time will win a cash prize.

*Eligibility: Players must be 18+ and permanent U.S. residents or citizens. Teams can be spread out all over the world, but teams must have a minimum of 2 players in the Boston area. Some challenges involve performing actions in physical locations in Boston.

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with this escape room and we are not participating in the competition. 


  1. It is very difficult to find any details on this. If you have contact with people involved, it would be nice to know some more details such as:
    – Is there a deadline to sign up by? Will sign-ups only continue until there are enough people?
    – Does this take place on a certain day? Multiple days? Flexible days?
    – How long should we expect to work on this? Like, can most teams can complete this in a couple hours if they’re focused on it, or will we be working on this all day/over multiple days?
    – “Boston” frequently refers to a very large area. Are we talking the area generally around Northeastern? Will on-site people need a car, or the T, or can everything be walkable once in the area?
    – Is it best for the Boston people to actually live there, or are two people visiting who don’t know much about the area sufficient?
    – Does rain affect things?

    I’m really interested, but it’s difficult to recruit people if they are not given any details on what they’re signing up for…

    1. Hi C.J.

      I’m the designer. If you intend to sign up, you should do so in the next few days. We are trying to launch Cohort 3 soon, and it may be the final cohort if we get more than 100 players. However, we may run another cohort in late Sept.

      It runs one week, but most teams finish in much less time than that. The physical challenges are in Boston/Cambridge, but not the greater Boston area. Having two players with access to the T or able to drive/bike around the city is important. Expert knowledge of the city is not required.

      Rain will have a minimal impact on the game, if any.

      1. @ Samuel A Liberty. We signed up with a group of 7 on September 8th. When would you expect us to hear if we will be participating? Thanks for your reply!

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