David & Lisa Ask for Escape Room Feedback [Comic]

If you’ve ever played an escape room with us, you know we ask our teammates two questions at the end of the game: favorite part and least favorite part. The answers can be broad or specific. You’re allowed to have as many of you want of each.

What’s more interesting than giving feedback on Stash House

My Neighbor Errol #1322: Car Ride

Errol freaking out about riding in Tammy's Tesla while Lisa & David try to get his reaction to the escape room we just played.

My Neighbor Errol

Errol of Room Escape Divas shares episodes of his life in comic form at My Neighbor Errol. We are honored to have been featured as characters this week… characters with a very flattering introduction:

My Neighbor Errol #1318: The Spiras

Comic introducing Lisa & David as characters.
I can just hear Errol says “SPY-RA” in this comic, just like he did on a recent REDivas episode.

Playing an Escape Room with Errol

By happenstance our visit to Los Angeles overlapped with Errol’s visit.

We are thrilled to have finally experienced erroling in real life. It was exactly as we’d imagined, only better, because of the non-player audience.

My Neighbor Errol #1320 – Stash House Intro

Comic of Errol asking if he can take his shoes off in Stash House.

When we invited Errol to play Stash House with us, we had no idea the experience would be immortalized as a comic. In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t have been as surprised as we were.

My Neighbor Errol #1321: Stash House Escape Room

Errol being Errol while playing Stash House.

Thanks, Errol. We love the comic book versions of ourselves. We’re honored that your experience playing Stash House with us was worthy of comic book documentation.

My favorite of his recent Los Angeles run of comics is still this gem:

My Neighbor Errol #1313: Meetup Activities

Comic of Errol explaining to his wife that he spent 3 hours at an escape room meetup just talking about escape rooms.


  1. Ha ha ha! I was actually going to bold SPY-RA but I figured it was too much of an inside joke. 🙂 Or I forgot when I finally started typing out the text of the sentence. One of those is right.

    And it was amazing to hang out with all of you. I loved it! ^_^

    1. We had an amazing time with you too. I’m so glad that we finally got to play together after all this time.

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