Lock Jams, Vol. 1: Escape Room Playlist

Come on brah… do you even puzzle? Lock Jams contains some of the all-time greatest escape anthems. When these tunes play: puzzles solve themselves, hidden objects appear, and blacklights never, ever flicker.

Check out the playlist on Spoitfy.

Also available on Apple Music thanks to Ben Rosner


Earlier this year we spent some time hanging out in the magnificent lobby of Escape Room Netherlands listening to Queen’s I Want To Break Free. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to put together an escape room-inspired playlist.

Stylized image of a mixtape.

When the manager of Carragher’s Pub asked me if I had a playlist for our New York City Escape Room Fan Shindig, I felt like I had a deadline to meet.

I hope you enjoy. 


This playlist was made with a little help from our friends: Ben Rosner, Stephen Matarese, and Lindsay Froelich.


  1. Great playlist. If you’re looking for suggestions for volume 2, what about The Hives with Tick Tick Boom?

    1. That’s a good one. I’m saving a list for a maybe I’ll make it future list.

  2. It would be a lot of work, but a medley of specific sections of numerous songs would be awesome. For example, “Fly like an Eagle” by Steve Miller might not be strong enough on it’s own, but the section “Time keeps on tickin’, tickin’, tickin…’into the future…” would be excellent for about three repeats, then onto another section of another song.

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