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Cincinnati Edition

We’re heading to Cincinnati at the end of the month to visit family and play escape rooms (in that order). 

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On The Air

In advance of the trip, we had the opportunity to record an interview with Dan Hurley of Cincinnati Public Radio, WVXU. We teased the interview before it aired. Here is the link to listen.

This conversation opened up with the basics, but ended up covering some serious subjects.

Escape Rooms: Why All The Hype?


We’ve been giving our new audio recording rig a serious workout by putting out a bunch more podcast-y content. To make it easier to take it in, we’ve provided timestamp breakdowns of the discussion. 

We hope you enjoy.

00:00 – Dan Hurley’s introduction

00:51 – What’s an escape room? 

01:48 – Escape room history and evolution  

02:35 – Escape room tourism 

03:28 – US escape room industry scale 

04:15 – Escape rooms are about playing. Can you learn through them?

04:44 – Corporate and family groups… what do these group dynamics reveal?

07:35 – How often do we lose and why do we lose?

08:47 – What makes for a good game?

10:02 –  One of Lisa’s favorite escape room experiences (Escape My Room, New Orleans, LA)

11:23 – What is a puzzle in an escape room context?

13:15 – The importance of diversity of thought in escape room success

14:50 – One of David’s favorite escape room experiences (Strange Bird Immersive, Houston, TX)

16:30 – How does local culture effect escape room design?

18:50 – Are there escape rooms that pull from history and explore concepts like slavery? 

22:00 – Who is the audience for escape rooms?

From the Same Episode

The same episode of the Cincinnati Edition also included a piece on Twilight Zone creator, Rod Serling, as well as a new book about him: 

Rod Serling: His Life, Work, and Imagination

I adore Serling’s work, so I’m pretty interested in this book. 

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  1. David and Lisa, this is a fantastic interview. You both did such a great job. It’s a joy to listen to both explain this complicated concept to a lay person. I have sent this link to several of my repeat corporate clients for their edification. The final topic in terms of who is actually booking the rooms and the shift from men to women iwas of keen interest to me as an owner. Thanks for being such an articulate super couple.

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