Lisa Live on BBC 5 Discussing Escape Rooms & Poland

Earlier this week, David wrote about his appearance on live tv.

If that morning weren’t crazy enough, a few hours after his tv appearance, a radio producer from the BBC 5 Live emailed us. So David left the sound studio (minus the camera) set up on our table, waiting for me to take it over that evening.

Then it was my turn:

Thank you to Chris Dickson for finding this recording for us. (My parents also appreciate it.)

The radio host from the BBC 5 Live asked many of the same questions as the host from EURONEWS NOW… but with a different tone.

A blue yeti microphone surrounded by a sound absorbing shield.

David and I have more experience with radio than with tv. That said, this was my first live recording experience, which was intense, especially in the wake of a tragedy. It was a lot of pressure knowing that whatever I said would inform someone’s opinion of escape rooms.

It might not have been a lot of people’s opinions… it was live at 1:30am for the folks listening. But then again, the folks listening in the wee hours are probably really listening, right?


  1. That was REALLY good Lisa! Very professional and I personally would feel much more comfortable with going to escape rooms if I’d never been to one and was worried because of this tragedy. You did a lot to show that this was an extremely rare accident which is definately NOT the norm. Good job!

  2. Excellent job Lisa.

    It is easy to be defensive about our industry when the bad actions of a very, very small group is referenced as possibly applying to the whole lot. And, being defensive is not a good way to have the dialogue. You did a wonderful job balancing acknowledgement of the bad with perspective on the industry overall.

    You and David seem to come from one mind (complement). If I read the transcripts of yours and David’s interviews I would not know which of you was the author. You two make a great team and are wonderful spokespeople for our industry.

    1. Thank you!

      We strive to speak in one voice. We co-write a lot of the content we publish – even if it is attributed to only one author – to check each other and develop the voice of the website. We’re glad it’s coming through! I think years of writing in the same voice have maybe seeped into speaking…

  3. Great interview, Lisa. Very professional, with the right combination of concern and support for the industry. And thank you to Chris Dickson for recording it.

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