Talking Escape Rooms on Top of Mind with Julie Rose

I spent 20 minutes on BYU Radio speaking with interviewer Julie Rose about escape rooms.

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Julie asked some of the best questions that any interviewer has ever raised. She even had me momentarily stumped when she asked a question that no one has ever asked us before.

Top of Mind with Julie Rose – Measles Outbreak, Escape Rooms, Food Preferences, Llama Nanobodies

As usual, we’ve timestamped the entire interview for your comfort.

Interview Timestamps

19:10 – Intro

20:05 – Why did I start reviewing escape rooms?

21:00 – What’s my favorite escape room? (Man From Beyond)

21:30 – What is an escape room experience like?

22:40 – What’s the history of escape rooms?

23:45 – How has the definition of escape room changed over the years?

25:30 – How do escape rooms vary across countries and cultures?

27:00 – What kinds of themes do you commonly see in escape rooms?

28:15 – What makes for a good escape room? I low-key mention Bill Chang.

29:00 – How do escape room creators come up with their games?

30:25 – Where do escape room creators get puzzle ideas from?

31:20 – What kinds of challenges show up in escape rooms?

32:40 – What the most creative puzzle that I’ve ever seen? …I’m momentarily stumped.

33:40 – How do escape room creators tune the difficulty of a game?

34:50 – What safety precautions should be taken when designing an escape game?

36:00 – We talk about the tragedy in Poland.

37:15 – Outro

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