The Evolution of the Escape, Immerse, Explore Logo Design

We are all about minding the details of our escape room tours. This covers everything from our communication and player surveys to game selection and team assignments.

We don’t often draw attention to the graphic design.

We’ve been working with a brilliant graphic designer since the first tour. We were thrilled with her iconography for Escape, Immerse, Explore NYC 2017.

Escape Immerse Explore 2017 Chart logo

New Orleans 2018/ 2019

When we first extended the tour to New Orleans last year, we wanted to adapt the look of the logo to properly fit the city. We’d originally thought to create a unique logo, but our designer, in her genius, proposed adapting the first logo to evoke New Orleans… and so our Mardi Gras bead variant was born.

The purple, gold, and blue Escape Immerse Explore New Orleans Logo

We’re still excited about this design, so we’re keeping it for the 2019 NOLA tour.

The Palace

For Escape, Immerse, Explore: The Palace, she did it again, pulling elements from poster and sign design of the era. We love it… so we’re sharing it ahead of the tour.

Escape Immerse Explore Palace logo, uses art deco design elements.

There are still some tickets available, so act now. We’d love to have you join us and spend a a few days geeking out about wonderful escape rooms with you. Plus you’ll get a t-shirt with this design.

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