Escape Rooms Should Scale Up [Design]

Over the years, certain design elements in escape rooms have repeatedly jumped out at us. One such design choice is scale.

Man holding a massive screwdriver.

Make it Bigger

Most escape room interactions can be improved by making them bigger.

Seeing this video reminded me of how much fun it can be when something mundane is blown up to a larger scale.

Choose Wisely

I’m not telling you to make a giant screwdriver. That’s a giant leverage tool and in the wrong player’s hands, things could get ugly fast. I know this.

That said, there are plenty of other items in escape rooms that would be far more interesting if they were larger than life.

Video found via BoingBoing.

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  1. I agree that sometimes you need to “be different” to be interesting. Upsizing is one of those ideas that is easy to do poorly, hard to do well. I made an oversized fully functional old-tyme padlock that covers the width and half the height of a standard door. The barrel of the skeleton key is made out of 12 inch pipe. It makes people gasp at the sight and grin when they learn that it works just like its standard sized brethren.

    The video was interesting to watch (except for the licking of the razorblade near the end). So much work goes into these things and it only works if all the effort is complemented by creative talent. Great Post!

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