Apple Doesn’t Fall Far Escape Room Meme

Tree ejecting an apple that says, "Puzzles are a waste of time."

I don’t even know what people mean when they make statements like, “I don’t like puzzles” or “I’m bad at puzzles.” I’m pretty sure that they are imagining only one type of puzzle.

[Original comic via Extra Fabulous Comics.]


  1. Bad Apple. I will think of this cartoon next time I run into one. No one will know what I mean when I say FWOOOSH out loud. I will laugh silently and my cranium will be tickled. Hopefully, all of this provides me a coping skill going forward.

  2. When I bring puzzles to play with at a party, often someone will immediately say “Oh, I hate those”. But that same person may end up spending 20 minutes playing with one of them (of their own free will, I should add).
    I think it is often a combination of not feeling competent at them and also not having been exposed to the full range of puzzles that are out there.
    If you’ve only seen crosswords, sudoku, and Rubik’s Cube, maybe none of those are for you. For example, I sure love “puzzles”, but I definitely don’t love sudoku.
    There are hundreds of kinds of puzzles at many difficulty levels, and chances are at least one or two of them will be something you find appealing.
    If you want an idea of the range of mechanical puzzles, check out the collection on

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