The 2019 Room Escape Conference in San Antonio, Texas

The 2019 Room Escape Conference is going to be in San Antonio, Texas August 6th, 7th, and 8th.

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Our Stage Appearances

We’ll be making at least 2 appearances on stage at the show.

The State of the Escape Room Industry

We’ll be giving the opening free talk on the morning of Thursday August 8th… bright and early at 8AM.

In 2019, the escape room industry is beginning to enter an era of change. The fire in Poland, changes in industry statistics, and shifting player expectations are adjusting the nature of the business. Lisa and David Spira have been covering the escape room industry for 5 years on their website Room Escape Artist, and will demonstrate the lay of the land with a mixture of data and their observations from around the United States and the world.

This talk will provide useful information to guide business decisions as well as actionable information about trends in escape game design.

Safety Panel: The Biggest Threat to the Escape Room Industry

I’ll be on the Safety Panel at 10AM Tuesday, August 6th. This session costs $50 if you pre-register. I encourage you to do so. Amy Philip is a fantastic moderator. Lisa and I are helping to assemble a great group of speakers. Also, this truly is the most important topic in the industry in 2019.

Safety is the single most important opportunity and threat facing the escape room industry in 2019. Our panel will discuss the near and long term implications of the Poland fire, including fire and building code enforcement, legislation, and public perception of escape games. Additionally the panelists will dig into the murky gray area that exists between risky design and dangerous design.

Regional Review Marathon

Back in February the Room Escape Conference sponsored our massive review marathon of San Antonio and neighboring Austin.

If you’re curious what games to play or what to expect, we’ve got you covered.

San Antonio Games

All San Antonio Reviews

San Antonio Recommendations

Austin Games

All Austin Reviews

Austin Recommendations

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  1. Will the State of the Escape Room Industry talk be available (text/audio/video) to non attendees at a later date? Since I cannot go to the conference I would be happy to pay a nominal fee to read/listen/watch the fruits of your research and perspective.

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