Call for REA Escape Room Directory Updates

Have new escape room companies opened in your area?

Have companies closed, moved, or changed their names in your area?

Local and traveling escape room players want to know!

Updates Wanted

Please take a look at our escape room directory and send us any updates.

We will make your updates as quickly as possible so that they will be part of our 2019 report on the industry, to be published in August.

Stylized photo of a map of the north eastern quarter of the United States

New Directory Infrastructure Coming Soon

We know that we have long outgrown the Google Sheet / Google Map format that made sense when this directory launched in 2014. Stay tuned for a new interface, coming soon!


  1. I have been keeping an up-to-date list for SoCal at which now includes 468 sorted rooms. I started with a list pulled from REA and added/removed from there. Please feel free to use this directory.
    Scott Levy

    1. Thanks Scott – sorry for not approving this, it got stuck in our spam filter.

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