On Not Updating Escape Room Prices in Reviews

For years now we’ve been receiving this reasonable request from escape room owners and managers:

“Hey Room Escape Artist, I’m the manager of [escape room company] and we’ve updated our pricing from the $28 per ticket that we had when you reviewed our games to $35 per ticket. Can you update your reviews of our games to reflect the new pricing model?”

And every time, we politely decline this request.

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Why No Price Updates?

When we review an escape room, we review it on a particular date and at a specific price point.

Both the price and the date we played the game were part of the experience.

My go-to example is that we absolutely loved Maze of Hakaina when we played it in 2017. It was fantastic at that time and price point. Our review was our snapshot of that experience. If we were to play it for the first time in 2019 at a higher price, that review would look quite different. How different? We can’t be sure.

Short of re-reviewing a game (Hydeout 2015 vs Hydeout 2019), which is complicated and often times impossible, the best thing that we can do is be honest with our readers about when we played it and what the experience was like at that point in time.

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