The Escape Room World Record is Officially in Print

About one year ago, a team of escape room players set the world record for “Most escape rooms attended in one day.”

Guinness World Records 2020 book cover.

Now that Guinness has committed that feat to print in Guinness World Records 2020, it’s that much more official.

Part one of the print entry reads: "Most escape rooms attended in one day. On 3 Oct 2018, Richard Bragg, Daniel Egnor, Amanda Harris (all USA) and Ana Ulin (ESP) - aka "Bloody Boris's Burning Bluelight Brigade" - visited"
“Bloody Boris’s Burning Bluelight Brigade” was quite the team name.
Part two of the print entry reads: "22 escape rooms in 24 hr in Moscow, Russia. The team were able to extricate themselves from all but one of the rooms in the allotted time."
Guinness really hitting that one loss home.

Congratulations to Rich, Dan, Amanda, and Ana!

The team in a room surrounded by Ironman suits.
Left to right: Amanda, Rich, Ana, Dan all surrounded by standard Russian indifference to copyright :p

Get Your Copy

You too can own a copy of history!

Learn More About Their Record Attempt

For more about their amazing feat of brain power and stamina check out our two interviews with the world record holders: anticipating the attempt and reflecting on setting a record.

Montreal Tour – 2020

We’re excited to welcome all 4 of these escape room celebrities to Montreal with Escape, Immerse, Explore: 2020. We hope you’ll join them and us on this continual journey to enjoy these amazing games.

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