Adhesive Residue – The Silliest Immersion Breaker in Escape Rooms

The silliest immersion breaking-detail that is often overlooked is super easy to fix.

Yet it’s the kind of tiny detail that even good escape room creators sometimes overlook:

Labels & Label Residue

We’re frequently searching a room when we lift something like a steampunk statue and underneath it we find the residue of a label.

The residue of a tron sticker.

Now, this is not the kind of nitpick that typically finds itself in a review, unless the game is operating on such a high level that we feel justified in picking the nits.

Is it a catastrophe? Hell no.

Is it a cheap and easy detail to mind? Hell yeah.

Easy Adhesive Removal

If you’re looking to get rid of this stuff easily, here are two fantastic tools to get the job done:

  • Goo Gone – A liquid adhesive and sticker remover.
  • FOSHIO Plastic Razor Scrapers – A plastic razor blade that when used with Goo Gone makes quick work of stickers and the adhesive residue.

This $15 solution and a little elbow grease will help you maintain immersion and look more professional.

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  1. Fingernails – please come off
    Water – I hope it comes off
    Goo Gone – I wasn’t asking
    Goof Off – you should have listened
    Sandpaper – can’t be stuck if it’s dust

  2. I would posit that not removing a price tag or consignment shop label in the first place is an even sillier immersion breaker.

    Still, it’s an interesting historical note to know that Pier One and TJ Maxx were active suppliers of ancient castles and Egyptian tombs.

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