Loaner Reading Glasses in Escape Rooms

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Last month we traveled to Colorado and played 31 games in 4 days. All of the reviews are written and will publish throughout the rest of 2019.

While we were there, we saw something that I thought was just lovely.

Loaner Reading Glasses

While visiting Locked In Escapes in Colorado Springs, we noticed a small bowl on their front desk filled with reading glasses.

The Locked In Escapes logo above a bucket of loaner reading glasses.

People who use over-the-counter reading glasses are notorious for forgetting to bring them when they go out. Some people can get by fine when the lighting is good. Many really struggle to read or see digits on a lock in dim lighting.

With a bucket of loaner readers, should a player forget to bring their own, they could borrow a pair for use in the game.

What Should You Buy?

Our team on our crazy Colorado escape room marathon included optometrist and fantastic escape room teammate Dr. Chris White.

I asked Chris what should be included in a loaner reading glasses box. He said that they should at least cover the correction range of +1.25 through +2.50.

An easy way of covering that range (and then some) is to buy an assortment pack. The pack that Chris suggested includes 25 pairs ranging from +1.25 through +3.25.

This is a simple, sweet thing to offer your players.

I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that other companies are already doing something similar, but Locked In Escapes was the first place we saw this, so I’ll give credit where it’s due.

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  1. This is so funny. I forget my reading glasses all the time but never forget to bring one to an escape room. I bought several cheap $5 glasses from Home Depot and put them in all my cars and in several spots around the home, in addition to the one I am supposed to carry with me.

    1. This is me too! We have a few readers that we sell for $5 when people forget theirs. We don’t really mark up any on the cost that we paid, I know that I for sure would drop a few bucks to make sure I can read the locks and clues when I go out, and hardly ever see this either!

    2. That makes sense to me.

      I’m near-sighted, so my glasses are always on my face or within reach. On one hand, it’s annoying to constantly need them… on the other, I never really have to think about it.

  2. Somewhat related, on wanting your customers to be thinking about your game and having a great time is TAMPONS. This past August while at the Transworld Conference, I was in need of this personal item while at one of the ER establishments on the tour. I had to ask no less than 6 women until I was able to get one. This was a little embarrassing and certainly time-consuming. Consider stocking your bathroom with this item too! (We do!)

  3. We have a few glasses available at our game too! We will usually run them into a game when we hear a player mention needing their reading glasses 😉

  4. We have three pair that span the correction gap the good doctor recommended! They absolutely do get used by our players, and yes you will have to replace them from time to time.

    1. That’s great, and I have no doubt that replacing them is an eventual necessity.

  5. Escapade in Sheridan Wyoming had these. First time I’d seen it before and it was much appreciated!

    1. That is lovely. I had a feeling that other companies were doing this.

  6. This is an awesome idea and i have heard that Alpha Omega Eyewear has a great line of box set reading glasses for escape rooms at great rates.

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