Will Smith & Tom Holland Play an Escape Room [Reaction]

Actors Will Smith & Tom Holland visited Escape Hotel to play a game promoting their new movie. I have thoughts.

  1. Spiderman is English 🤯.
  2. We’ve never been to Escape Hotel because they have a reputation for a great lobby and pretty meh games. This video has confirmed the reputation.
  3. Their response to “you know the rules” was hilarious.
  4. Eww – blindfolds.
  5. lol – Tom’s response to being blindfolded.
  6. Will Smith and Tom Holland are incredibly charming. They managed to keep things entertaining by force of personality.
  7. It makes me sad when white-walled middle-of-the-road escape games represent escape rooms at large. Los Angeles has a wealth of wonderful escape rooms that would have been more fun and more visually interesting.
  8. Will, buddy, next time you’re looking for an escape room, have your people give us a shout. We’ll hook you up.
Will Smith & Tom Holland blindfolded by an in-character gamemaster.

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