Virtually Tour The Catacombs of Paris

Here’s some macabre fun you.

The Catacombs of Paris has a virtual tour.

A tunning within the Catacombs of Paris. The walls are linked with human bones.
Yes, those are human bones.

Unlike the Winchester Mansion Video Tour, this one lets you click through and look around at 5 different locations within the Catacombs. It’s quick but pretty wild. Have a look:

Catacombs of Paris Virtual Tour

I’ve never been to Paris, but I have visited the much smaller and far more anal-retentively designed Capuchin Crypt in Rome. I’ll tell you: that place left an impression on me.

Sadly the Capuchin Crypt doesn’t have a virtual tour, but it’s worth checking out some photos. While I was there, I bought a postcard and sent it to my old friend Pete writing nothing on it except for the words, “Wish you were here.” Memories.

More Virtual Tours

I’ll continue to comb the internet for unusual places that are offering virtual tours in lieu of normal operations. I find them inspiring.

If you happen upon anything weird, fun, and escape room-y, please send it my way. This is an amusing way to see little bits of the world while remaining immobile.

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  1. That was fascinating and now I can check it off my bucket list. Though I want to know what it sounds and smells like. Waiting for that to be part of the virtual experience!

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