REA’s April Quarantine Conversation Recording

A couple of weeks ago we livestreamed and the recording is available. (Well, it was immediately available, we’re just getting around to reposting it.)

The whole thing was warm and fun (once we got in our groove… which took a couple of minutes).

We covered a wide variety of subjects:

  • What players can do to help the escape room industry from quarantine
  • What owners can do to help their businesses now
  • REAโ€™s newest feature: Hivemind Reviews
  • Some thoughts about how this industry will evolve
  • Story Time: Remember that time in an escape room whenโ€ฆ

By the way, for story time, we told a story about our early days in escape rooms. Click through to see photographic evidence of Drew’s epic mustache. We also answered a bunch of viewer questions. These were our favorite parts.

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We’re going to keep experimenting with video content.

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