Showcase this Saturday! Play these New Mini Virtual Escape Rooms

We’ve run two Virtual Escape Jams, and we’ve been blown away by the creativity of the games that these teams have produced in a single day… so we’re giving you a chance to play them this Saturday and support a great cause.

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What is this Showcase?

Our Virtual Escape Jammers are gathering to share their creations with you. Folks from both the RECON Jam (August) and last weekend’s Spooky Jam are going to show off their games.

The showcase is a chance to play the cool games produced at our Virtual Escape Jams, meet other escape room players, and an opportunity to support a worthy non-profit, Child’s Play. We aren’t charging admission for this event; we’re asking you to make a donation.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone is welcome.

The people who will get the most out of this showcase are folks who are curious to play experimental, non-commercial virtual escape games that strive to push creative boundaries. These games are about 15 minutes long, and were developed in a single day.

If you’re a friend or family member of one of our creators, we also welcome you to come see what they helped create.

Showcase Details

Date – Saturday October 24 at 4pm Eastern

Location – The RECON Discord. Meet in the Escape Jam Main Hall.

Admission – We’re not charging for admission. Instead we are asking for a donation of whatever you feel is fair to the non-profit Child’s Play. They are an incredibly well run and efficient organization that helps kids who are in hospitals.

Games Available to Play:

  • The Inspection (created in October)
  • The Keeper’s Wife (created in October)
  • House of Haunts (created in October)
  • Escape Alien Abduction (created in August)

…and possibly others!

Get Access to the Showcase

If you are new to the RECON Discord Server:

  1. Register for access to the RECON Discord and receive your Registration Number. Visit this link to complete your registration.
  2. Join the RECON Discord server here:
  3. Upload an image or screenshot of your receipt for your donation to Child’s Play with your Registration Number at Step 2 of Check-In.

If you are already a member of the RECON Discord Server:

  1. Upload an image or screenshot of your receipt for your donation to Child’s Play in a direct message to “Lisa Spira (REA) | RECON Team.”

Upon completion of the step(s) above, you’ll be granted access to the Escape Jam area of the Discord and you’ll see a channel called “Escape Jam Main Hall.” That is where you’ll go for the event.

You can complete these steps any time between now and when the event starts on Saturday.

Learn More About Virtual Escape Jams

For more about our Virtual Escape Jams, check out our event page.

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