The Best Online Escape Games for Tweens and Families


If you have young puzzlers bored at home, an online escape game could be the perfect “outing.”

When you have a group of tweens playing together, a skilled gamemaster-as-avatar can make a big difference keeping players working together and staying on track.

When you have a multigenerational group, a great game includes multiple interactions that are accessible and exciting for youngsters, and don’t require very involved solving.


Fuzzy Logic offers multiple playful escape games, hosted by energetic avatar characters that read the teams well and adapt to the needs of the players. Their games include Playground, Villains Lair, and Concert Quest.

An evilvillain's lab with a large raygun.

Improbable Escapes offers playful themes with adorable sets and accessible puzzle design. Their games include Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission, Neverland: Heist on the High Seas, and The Hot Chocolate Incident, which is fun for the whole family, except Scrooge.

Santa sitting beside a Christmas tree reading.
The Hot Chocolate Incident

Trapped Puzzle Rooms‘ audio adventures guide solvers into vivid worlds of imagination, rewarding curiosity and creativity. We specifically recommend Super Squad, Holiday Whodunnit, and Monster Smash for younger players.

Illustrated image of a casino floor.
Heist Heist Baby

Avatar Stalker by Project Avatar has a persistent scavenger hunt component that will be accessible to players of all ages. Because the avatar is nonverbal, it would probably be good to have adults “in the room” too, unless your tweens work really well together. Note that the gameplay differs substantially from that of classic escape rooms, and the set is dark and gritty (not scary), so those should all be factors when choosing this one for younger players.

Utya Duck in glowing LED glasses.
Avatar Stalker


Our hivemind reviewers are all adults (ranging in age from their 20s to their 50s). Some play escape rooms with their children and others sometimes play with their parents or grandparents. While most of us play primarily with other adults, we’ve collected these recommendations based on our collective experiences with different groups of players this year, and checked them with the parents in the group.

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  1. Thank you so much for our inclusion in this list! We at Fuzzy Logic definitely pride ourselves in hosting experiences that are great for players of all ages, abilities, and experience levels to enjoy!

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