Roman Numerals Challenge

Escape rooms have truly reinforced my grasp on Roman numerals 12 and under.

This nifty web app put the rest of my rusty memory to the test. It’s a fun distraction for a few minutes.

Level 4 Convert MMCMXXXI to 2931.

A fun fact: Our portmanteau first name is created entirely by roman numerals… although as a name, it’s not a valid number.


  1. That was fun! I had to pause for a moment to remember 500 but I played all levels and scored perfectly. Hadn’t got to use that knowledge in quite some time. Was a great wake you up in the morning brain usage.

    1. Yeah, I had the same experience. I found the entire thing surprisingly compelling for a few minutes.

  2. Roman Numerals are fun, but I hesitate to use them in a puzzle because I doubt the archaic number method is still taught in school. In my Mad Scientist Room I have an inscription written in a book. A young guest asked a friend to look at the inscription because it was written in some weird kind of English… apparently cursive is old tech!

    1. Yeah and I’m not advocating for them.

      The most common way that I’ve seen Roman numerals in escape rooms is to have a wall clock with them. Then the clock functions as a sort of cipher key.

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